This emerging field is full of talented people looking for dynamic solutions to environmental problems. I aim to continue learning and consulting with many of the following organizations/companies.

As of the fall of 2015, I am on track to becoming a regionally recognized Master Recycler. This group provides training and outreach techniques around waste reduction, puts students in touch with local sustainability professionals, and gives graduates a sweet badge!

This City of Portland team helps green your workplace. Their free online resources have been helpful for empowering me to start thinking about how to make restaurants— an industry I’d like to make greener— more sustainable. Considering going paperless? Wondering about ways to cut back on energy consumption? Drop SAW a line, and they’ll help out!

I built this site for the ongoing campus sustainability waste audit project. Campus waste management coordinator Tony Hair leads these garbage forays— students don HazMat suits and sort through trash bins, separating materials, hopefully questioning the notion of waste in the process. The data gathered helps Tony and his team understand how Portland State can divert more waste from the landfill by increasing rates of reuse, recycling, and composting.

Institute for Sustainable Solutions (PSU)

Collaborating with professors and professionals interested in creating an environmental-humanities graduate certificate. Joni Adamson, author of the upcoming Keywords for Environmental Studies (NYU Press) and professor of environmental humanities at Arizona State University, has given  great advice as to how to implement such certificates and internships in this field. PSU English professor Bishupal Limbu’s writings on globalization, cosmopolitism, and ecology, have likewise been integral, as have the communication team at PSU’s Institute of Sustainable Solutions.


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